Rich Strub - Chef / Partner

Central New York has some incredible farmland, and some truly outstanding farmers to work it. My background, coming from a small New England town, and having had the great fortune to work with some of the best chefs in the country, informs what we are setting out to do with Eden. Finding the best ingredients we can in Central New York, and making connections with people in our community that work just as hard as we do to produce them. Through Eden we hope to highlight the bounty of the farm land and incredible producers here in Central New York and bring it to your plate. 

Adam Anderson - Partner

is an award winning cognitive neuroscientist at Cornell University who researches how the human brain creates emotions. He studies the senses of smell and taste and how our body and brain communicate, including how the gut alters how we feel and think.  He is passionate about how the neuroscience of smell, taste, and the gut can be integrated into the culinary arts to enhance the sensory experiences surrounding food.  

Eve DeRosa - Partner

is a cognitive neuroscientist at Cornell University who studies how neurochemicals affect our ability to attend to, learn about, and remember information in our environment. She's excited about bringing another space to Syracuse where diners can celebrate the hardworking farmers who provide us with the bounty of Central New York. 

Connor Hunt - Chef de Cuisine

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