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It's pretty well known that the best way to face a challenging situation is to look for the good in it, or the opportunities that it creates... struggle is often the key to growth, and we deal with that every day at Eden. Wether it is figuring out how to bake cookies over a camp fire, finding locally sourced ingredients that are hard to come by, or putting a creative spin on a classic culinary technique... we pride ourselves on being able to adapt and find creative solutions to the challenges we face every day.

The recent global events that have reshaped the landscape of the hospitality industry are no different, and we are taking this opportunity to add a new dimension to Eden that we can carry forward after we reopen for normal operations.

Our mission at Eden has always been to offer an experience beyond just eating dinner. For us, Eden is much more than just a restaurant. It is our livelihood, true, but it is also a community of farmers, educators, brewers, distillers, beekeepers, fishmongers, and guests. It is a way for us to express all of the wonderful things that come from those relationships, and we are truly blessed to have such a great (and growing) tribe of people along with us on this journey!

The next step in our journey will be Eden@home. We will be offering all of the ingredients and recipes for you to make a healthy meal at home using locally or sustainably sourced products whenever possible. There will be limited options for both small and large plates as well as dessert to start, but we hope to expand as the seasons change and produce becomes more abundant!

Menus, just as we do in the restaurant, will change as the seasons progress, so please check back often for the latest!

As a side note, we would like to thank you all so much for the incredible amount of support you have given us during our first seven months of operation. We are soo grateful to be on this journey with all of you!

See you all again soon!

- Rich


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